Register your .ovh


In the beginning, having your own extension to bring your communities together and making your mark on the root zone of the internet was just a dream.

In actual fact, it all started with an April Fool's prank in 2009, when Octave Klaba (OVH founder and CEO) announced the creation of the .ovh extension. In just a few hours, the company received over 22,000 requests to register .ovh domains. No more convincing was needed for OVH to make this dream a reality.

Choosing the .ovh extension means joining the community of 700,000 customers of OVH – the number 1 internet hosting provider in Europe.
It also means sharing the values of the group – expertise, close proximity to customers, innovation, passion, creativity and open-mindedness. We want to make domain names accessible to as many people as possible, and always at the best price. That’s why .ovh will be one of the most affordable extensions on the market.

Who for?

Partners, developers, freelancers, the self-employed, small businesses, technophiles, students or private individuals… everyone is entitled to their .ovh domain.
There are many reasons for wanting to use our extension for your online activity, such as email accounts, forums, information sites, online services, naming a server or service and SaaS applications, etc.

In just a few clicks, you can start communicating, sharing and working with your new .ovh domain.

From anywhere in the world – whether you're in one of the 16 countries of the OVH group or beyond – you can easily register your .ovh domain using your customer ID or NIC handle. If you don’t have a NIC, please create one on this page.

Join us in making .ovh a success! Our community has always amazed us and the only limits to .ovh are the imagination and creativity of our users. So why not share in this adventure with us and make .ovh extensions essential on the web?

Key dates

01.04.2009 – April Fool's: 22,000 registration requests made

13.06.2012 – The .ovh file is submitted to ICANN

22.06.2013 – The file is approved

20.06.2014 – Delegation of the .ovh extension

01.09.2014 – The Sunrise period begins

01.10.2014 – The Sunrise period ends

01.04.2015 – Start of the period reserved for trademarks registered with the TMCH

30.04.2015 – End of the period reserved for trademarks registered with the TMCH

05.05.2015 – Available to everyone